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Blue Tree Factory

Blue Tree Factory is a small flash game development studio consisting of two members, Timo van Niedek (14) and Daniel Roeven (15), both located in Eindhoven. Daniel makes the game graphics, after which Timo codes them up into a cool flash game. You can find their games all over the web, on sites such as Kongregate and Newgrounds.

Daniel Roeven

Daniel Roeven, designer and a 16 years old high-school student. He designs the beautiful graphics for the games. He is also the man who made this piece of website. When he's not designing, he's probably spending time with friends or enjoying a good movie.

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Timo van Niedek

The codemonkey of the team. He uses Flash to create the brain of the games. He is 15 years old and is also a high-school student. He makes music, which he posts on Newgrounds. In his spare time he plays piano, chills out with friends or listens to (mostly house) music.

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